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High Performance Flooring

Looking for an antimicrobial HACCP floor?

Explore our latest range of FastTop systems certified for the food industry, for maximum hygiene....

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High Performance Flooring

Superb adhesion with a hard wearing finish

Our resin floor coatings make an excellent choice
for renovation and new construction projects.

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High Performance Flooring

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Epoxy and polyurethane resin flooring and car park decking systems for commercial and industrial projects manufactured by Sherwin-Williams

At Sherwin-Williams, we deliver high performance resin flooring systems for commercial and industrial environments that are proven to withstand even the toughest challenges.

Solutions for every sector

Our epoxy and polyurethane resin floor products have been trusted by the world’s leading companies and Governments for over 30 years. From heavy duty industrial environments such as aerospace, automotive manufacturing and warehousing, to hygienic, clinical and clean areas such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical and healthcare, we’ve got you covered.


With over 150 years of coatings knowledge and heritage, our Sherwin-Williams chemists are constantly innovating and developing our resin surface technology to bring new solutions and meet the needs of business, Government and industry every day.

Take for example our newest resin flooring system, Elladur™, developed by our specialist team of chemists who have harnessed the very best in polyaspartic technology. It’s an ultra fast cure, user-friendly, solvent-free, low temperature cure polyaspartic resin floor system that is attractive yet extremely tough, scratch resistant and UV-stable.

This innovative design is like no other resin product on the market; it allows a multi-coat decorative finish to be installed in just one day, meaning installation times are reduced from days to just hours (each coat cures in around 2 hours). Using Elladur™ as part of your refurbishment or upgrade project means a quick turnaround and minimal disruption to operations.

Supporting you at every stage

From spec to protect, talk to our team about how we can help you through every stage of your flooring journey. We work with trusted partners across Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa to provide support, whether it is advice, specification or on-site inspection. Whatever the resin flooring system you choose, you’ll have peace of mind that you’ve got support from Sherwin-Williams.

Featured Products

Resucoat HB

Resucoat HB is a high build, low odour, epoxy resin industrial floor coating for use where high impact and wear resistance is required. It is extremely hard wearing with a high gloss finish and has superb adhesion onto varied substrates including concrete and appropriate primers. Anti-slip textured finishes can be achieved with aggregates being added as required.

Elladur SF

Elladur SF Colour is a 2-pack high-build fast-cure floor coating system based on advanced materials, designed to provide a tough and durable gloss finish in a variety of thicknesses. It is UV light stable with very good chemical resistance which can be applied to a variety of finishes and surfaces. Decorative and anti-slip finishes can also be created incorporating suitable flakes and aggregates.

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