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Resucoat HB™ - A range of durable, fast-cure, UV stable, Low-VOC commercial and industrial resin epoxy floor coatings based on polyaspartic technology, manufactured by Sherwin-Williams

Resucoat HB

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Resucoat™ HB is 2-pack solvent free, high build epoxy resin flooring for heavy use duty at a thickness from 200 to 500 microns. The coloured high gloss finish is extremely hard wearing and has good general chemical resistance. Resucoat™ HB is one of our hygienic coatings for floors with low-odour during application to provide a sealed, continuous surface. Resucoat™ HB is easily applied by roller to create an epoxy resin floor coating with resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Anti-slip resin floors can be achieved by the inclusion of aggregates such as aluminium oxide or bauxite.

Product benefits

  1. High build coatings are obtainable in one application
  2. Ventilation for solvent evaporation is not essential
  3. Hygienic and easy to clean and maintain
  4. Good colour stability
  5. Suitable for application where a bacteria-free finish is important
  6. Aggregates can be incorporated for improved slip and abrasion resistance
  7. Excellent high gloss finish
  8. No shrinkage on curing
  9. Available in a range of colours. Special colours can be produced

Where to use

  1. Food processing and beverage areas
  2. Chemical plant rooms
  3. Engineering workshops
  4. Automotive and aviation areas
  5. Factory units
  6. Warehouses
  7. Excellent for all demarcation and walkways

See System Sheets Resucoat HB S, Resucoat HB SR and Resucoat UV Composite which use the Resucoat HB product

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