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Resuscreed 55 - A range of epoxy and polyurethane clear and coloured trowel applied floor screeds that are heavy duty for commercial and industrial environments including the food and drink sector, manufactured by Sherwin-Williams

Resuscreed 55

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Resuscreed 55 is a 3-pack heavy duty, epoxy industrial resin flooring screed, with high chemical resistance and strong colour definition. Sealing is necessary where impervious finishes are required. Resuscreed 55 resin flooring is normally laid from 5mm nominal thickness with a trowel or power trowel.

Product benefits

  1. Low odour
  2. Hard wearing
  3. Durable
  4. Easy to apply and work to achieve good quality smooth surfaces
  5. Suitable for localised repairs prior to resurfacing
  6. Decorative
  7. Good slip-resistance
  8. Abrasion resistant
  9. Impact resistant
  10. Non-Dusting
  11. Can be feather-edged

Where to use

  1. Seamless decorative finish for buildings
  2. Pharmaceutical areas
  3. Commercial kitchens
  4. Animal compounds and veterinary areas
  5. Toilets and washrooms
  6. Reception areas
  7. Healthcare industry
  8. Production areas
  9. Laboratories
  10. Industrial workshops
  11. Prisons and Police Cells
See System Sheets Resuscreed 55 S and Resuscreed 55 SD which use the Resuscreed 55 product

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