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High Performance Flooring


Strong, impact resistant, heavy duty resin flooring that can withstand high traffic for areas such as warehouses, distribution centres, printing, packaging and manufacturing plants, manufactured by Sherwin-Williams

We’ve been manufacturing and supplying hard-wearing industrial resin floors for over 30 years. Our strong, impact resistant resin floor systems can withstand constant traffic from forklift trucks, trollies and heavy wheeled equipment, making them ideal for printing and packaging facilities.

Tough and strong

Sherwin-Williams resin floors are resistant to impact and can tolerate constant heavy-traffic from automated machinery and fork lift truck operations. They also have a high compressive strength, meaning they can withstand heavy loads from equipment, high loads and shelving.

Safety first

Our seamless resin floors are non-slip and help to protect staff and operators from slips, trips and falls. Bespoke designs can also be incorporated into the finish, such as company branding or bright demarcation of walkways and production areas to support health and safety programs.

Food-safe and easy to clean

Our resin flooring systems are seamless, hygienic, food-safe (suitable for the food and drink sector) and easy to clean; the smooth finish means that spills, such as oils and chemicals, can be removed quickly, maintaining a safe environment for people to work and reducing any downtime.

A light, bright environment

A range of decorative solutions can complement our light reflective single colour systems which are often used across large floor areas to promote a light, bright working environment.

Whatever the resin flooring system you choose, you’ll have peace of mind that you’ve got support from Sherwin-Williams.

From spec to protect, talk to us about how we can help you through every stage of your flooring journey. Why not call us today?

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