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High Performance Flooring


Hygienic resin floors for operating theatres, operating rooms and scrubbing up areas, that are sterile, non-slip, chemical resistant, static dissipative, continuous and seamless, manufactured by Sherwin-Williams

Our range of sterile, seamless, anti-static, non-slip, resin floors are ideal for operating theatres and rooms as well as surrounding facilities such as scrubbing up areas. They are hard-wearing and able to withstand rolling loads of heavy mobile equipment, as well as tolerate aggressive cleaning regimes, such as hot water and steam cleaning, and the use of harsh chemicals.

Resistant to chemicals and stains

The Sherwin-WIlliams range of seamless resin floor systems are resistant to blood, urine and vomit and also harsh chemicals used in operating cleaning regimes, all of which have the potential to corrode, stain, contaminate or become trapped in inferior floors and wall surfaces such as grouting in tiles, sit-on coving or seams and joins in vinyl floors.

Hygienic, continuous and easy to maintain

It’s important that floors in operating rooms are seamless and continuous with no places for dirt to become trapped. Because Sherwin-Williams systems are monolithic, seamless and impervious, there’s no ingress of water or fluids between the substrate and the floor surface. Spills stay on the surface and can be easily cleaned and hygiene maintained, with nothing getting caught in seams and no lingering smells or contamination.

Our floors can be installed with integrated coved skirting, avoiding dirt traps and the risk of contamination. They can also be pitched to a fall and have stainless steel drainage incorporated into the finish. The FasTop flooring range is designed to be installed in conjunction with drainage systems, and can be laid to falls to enhance washdowns, and ensure that waste water or other liquids do not pond or puddle on a floor surface.

Copes with heavy load

The Sherwin-Williams FasTop range provides a very high compressive strength, meaning FasTop can withstand heavy loads from heavy equipment in situ or being moved about.

Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) control

To avoid damage to expensive, sensitive computer equipment and technology in operating theatres from electro-static discharge (ESD), our resin flooring products can control spontaneous transfer of electrostatic charge with static dissipative performance.

Whatever the resin flooring system you choose, you’ll have peace of mind that you’ve got support from Sherwin-Williams.

From spec to protect, talk to us about how we can help you through every stage of your flooring journey. Why not call us today?

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