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Get a grip

We can all take anti-slip properties of floors for granted, a loss of grip can see you in traction, and nowhere is that more true than outside in a built landscape environment.

Sherwin-Williams builds anti-slip technology into all its products, but we have developed two solutions which address the problem of grip head on - the aptly named resin bonded Resubind CP and resin bound Resubind UV.

The two systems share elements, such as the use of natural decorative aggregates, including pea gravel, quartz sands, granites, flint and glass, and both have a variety of uses, from walkways and drives to footpaths and tree pits.

Landscape & Urban Design recently featured the two systems and highlighted their wide variety of uses.

Domestically, over the last few years, the boom in garden decking has subsided along with the popularity of home and garden makeover programs on TV. Following the fashion for clean and simple design, decking has been replaced with alternative materials, which is where Resubind CP and Resubind UV come into play, offering a low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, and safe alternative to wood.

On a larger scale, the current trend for 'managed' natural environments plays to the strength of resin bound and resin bonded systems, which offer good grip, durability, and can have a natural finish.

And let's not forget where we came in here, grip is good no matter if you're on foot, on a bike, in a wheelchair or driving a car.

Get a Grip Flooring

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