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High Performance Flooring


Le Méridien

Hygienic FasTop™ TG69 flooring provides the finish for prestigious hotel kitchen


The prestigious five-star Le Méridien Hotel in Dubai is a sophisticated, refined and inviting complex situated near Dubai International Airport - providing luxury accommodation to travellers and commuters.

Offering guests and visitors 16 dining options throughout the hotel, and catering for up to 1,750 guests during conferences and events, the hotel strives to maintain the highest quality hygiene standards.


Refurbishing kitchen flooring in the hotel where there is busy footfall and liquids are spilt meant that a durable flooring system with low slip potential was required. Similarly, the flooring had to be suitable for thorough washdowns and to ensure the highest possible hygiene standards were met.

A seamless finish was necessary to ensure bacteria could not build up in joints. To ensure thorough cleaning, a coved skirting where the flooring met the wall surface needed to be installed.


HACCP accredited and food-safe flooring FasTop RS69 was selected as the preferred system for the kitchens at Le Méridien. With antimicrobial performance tested to ISO 22916, the system also provides very high compressive strength, allowing it to withstand loads from barrels and other heavy machinery.

Non-slip FasTop flooring systems comply with strict hygiene and safety standards, and the monolithic surface means no ingress of water or fluids can seep between the substrate and the floor surface. The system can also withstand extreme conditions, whether it is attack from sugars, thermal exposure or heavy impact. FasTop JT40 was also selected to provide a seamless waterproof finish to the wall coving to enhance cleaning procedures in the kitchens.


Systems from Sherwin-Williams are seamless, ensuring that spills stay on the surface and can be easily cleaned or engineering to drain away.

The new kitchen flooring at Le Méridien now offers a purpose-built installation to ensure the highest possible hygiene standards for a commercial kitchen, while continuing the necessary quality of finish for a high-quality hotel.

Jeremy Waterhouse, Flooring Product Manager at Sherwin-Williams, said: “We’ve supplied some of London’s top hotels and kitchens so Le Méridien is a great addition to our prestigious track record. We knew we could provide the best flooring solution to meet their requirements and it was great to deliver that with specialist installer Pegasus.”

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