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Al Ain, United Arab Emirates


The need to use constant hot water and the demands of the tough environment soon found weaknesses in a flooring system at a slaughterhouse in Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which suffered widespread failure.

Experts from world leader Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings faced up to the challenge to find the solution for the asset owner and conducted a full investigation.

The acrylic-based resin that formed part of the existing system was very brittle and soon cracked under the impact of these conditions and widespread failure became visible. The need for the facility to apply constant hot water in excess of 60-65°C further contributed to its early failure.

Having conducted a thorough site inspection, Sherwin-Williams technicians trialled a small area with FasTop™ RS69, a seamless, hygienic screed system designed to withstand high levels of impact and tolerant to hot water and oil spillages in excess of 120°C.

  • Substrate: Concrete.
  • Requirements: To be seamless, hygienic and durable to withstand constant hot water.
  • Specifications: Meeting all relevant environmental and health and safety regulations.
  • Area coated: 2,500 m²
  • Client: Slaughterhouse, AI Ain, UAE.


The tried and tested FasTop™ has a proven track record for durability in environments demanding hygienic flooring offering the highest levels of chemical and slip resistance.

This system comes with the option of enhanced antimicrobial protection and very low levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which means virtually no odours and no tainting during installation.

Working to tight deadlines, a new substrate screed was installed and FasTop™ RS69 was applied around existing plant and machinery.

For the 600 mm high concrete kerbs around the slaughterhouse, FasTop™ JT40, another flooring screed product from Sherwin-Williams was used in order to maintain the same standards of resistance to abrasion and chemical contact once fully sealed.

"Following a six month trial period where the installed FasTop™ RS69 system performed exceptionally well, the client decided to go ahead and close the facility to refurbish the entire 2,500 m2 floor area," said Vik Vithlani, regional director of Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings.

High performance flooring systems from Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings are used in diverse industries including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, industrial, retail, commercial and aerospace, with benefi ts such as non-taint performance, hard wearing, decorative, impact resistance, slip resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical protection and thermal shock resistance.

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