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UV stable and resistant to chemicals, we manufacture epoxy and polyurethane resin wall coating systems for vertical substrates and hard wearing surfaces, by Sherwin-Williams

Employing the latest epoxy and polyurethane technology, we manufacture a range of UV stable, chemical resistant high performance resin wall coating systems, proven to demonstrate outstanding adhesion to vertical substrates and hard wearing surfaces.

AquArmor UV Wall system is a UV stable cost effective wall finish proven in a range of environments from food and beverage, to prisons and police custody cells. It utilises the Resuseal Wall Gloss epoxy resin coating as a strong bonding coloured base coat and primer, which is top coated with Resupen WB Wall, a UV stable polyurethane with excellent chemical resistance. Usually the satin finish is installed with a sheen which enhances ease of clean.

Whatever the wall coating product you choose, you’ll have peace of mind that you’ve got support from Sherwin-Williams. From spec to protect, talk to us about how we can help you through every stage of your project journey. Why not call us today?
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